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Low-Level Laser Therapy/Photobiomodulation Therapy

Rob, our expert osteopath, can provide state-of-the-art Photobiomodulation (PBM) or Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) as a supplementary treatment to osteopathy.

This innovative therapy employs laser or LED light to boost tissue repair (including skin wounds, muscle, tendon, bone, and nerves), lessen inflammation, and alleviate pain in the targeted areas. Typically lasting between 1-20 minutes, treatments are administered by qualified technicians and can be repeated as required until symptoms subside.

How it works

PBM operates mainly on a cellular protein to stimulate the production of repair molecules while reducing cellular stress, resulting in improved tissue restoration, decreased inflammation, and pain relief.

There are two types of PBM therapy:

  • High-power density is typically used for deep-tissue injuries that require pain alleviation.

  • Low-power density is used for treating superficial wounds, tendons, and joints, where the goal is to reduce inflammation and promote healing.

A combination of both types of therapy is usually prescribed to maximize the benefits.


Which conditions can it help?

PBM therapy has been extensively researched and proven effective in repairing damaged tissues, reducing inflammation, and alleviating pain in various musculoskeletal disorders. Peer-reviewed medical journals have published significant clinical evidence to support its efficacy in treating soft tissue injuries, joint conditions, and back and neck pain. Additionally, PBM therapy has demonstrated positive results in other applications, such as post-operative pain and shingles.

​Your medical history

Before treatment, we will conduct a comprehensive medical assessment to ensure that we fully understand your medical history and daily routine. We will take the time to listen to you and ask questions about your diet, exercise habits, and other aspects of your life that could provide insight into your condition. If you currently receive osteopathic or chiropractic care, we may recommend Photobiomodulation Therapy as a complementary treatment.

Doctor and Patient

Ready To Book?

If would like to book an appointment you can easily book online but if you have any questions then please get in touch and we'll help guide you to the best treatment for your needs.

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